Author, Gill McCulloch on the beach in Sooke, BC, Canada against a background of blue sky, ocean and trees. In the foreground are driftwood logs and shrubs.
Gill McCulloch at Whiffin Spit, Sooke, BC, Canada. Photo by Warren McCulloch

I created this index for people who want to read more of my work. Everything is categorized into topics, and I update this page regularly. I appreciate you reading and commenting on my stories, articles and poems.

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Photo of author, Gill McCulloch standing on a sandy beach in Sooke, BC, Canada. The sun is shining on waves with trees in the background.
Gill McCulloch, Sooke, BC, Canada. Photo by author.

Hello and welcome to my About Me page! My name is Gill McCulloch and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me.

My life in a nutshell — at least I’ll try

I was born at a very early age and lived with my mum, dad and two sisters in a lively seaside town called Brighton on…


A child sits in a darkened room, looking up happily at a brightly lit Christmas tree.
Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

One evening in December a few years ago, I ran a Red Cross first aid class at one of our local churches. As I was cleaning up after the course, Don, one of the church staff, came up to me and said, “Gill, have you heard the saying, God works…


A brown duck with water dripping off its open beak open, swims in calm water.
Photo by Šárka Krňávková on Unsplash

If you ever walk near water where ducks are swimming, you’ll notice something — ducks are terribly rude!

My husband, Warren and I walk around our local lake almost every day. Often we have serious things to discuss to do with our business, health and family. …


Black and white photo of a smiling child in a stripy T-shirt. The child is wearing a pair of homemade glasses made out of straw or grass.
Photo by Ato Aikins on Unsplash

“Mummy, wouldn’t it be great if we could build a chocolate factory?” said my five-year-old son while sitting at the kitchen table drawing one afternoon. We’d recently watched the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and he’d been fascinated by all the chocolate and candy-making contraptions.

I agreed it would…


A brown hedgehog looking directly at the camera, walking on grass near a low wooden fence.
Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

Henry Hedgehog sat in his burrow with his snout on the ground and sighed. He was a quiet, thoughtful chap, and although he was always kind and respectful to the forest animals, Henry didn’t have any close friends. This made him feel sad and lonely.

Sometimes he’d pop his head…

Gill McCulloch

Founder, Safe + Sound First Aid Training, I write about things that make my soul sing, heart break or shoulders shake with laughter.

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